Latest article of speech on topic time is money 2011

The Best Speech Topic Of All Time is Money:
In this public speaking training article, I'm going to reveal to you the absolute best speech topic of all time.
Now, don't panic if you think your speech topic is different, because I'm going to show you how to make a slight adjustment to your speech topic so that it's within the "framework" of the best speech topic of all time.
Okay, drum roll please... Here's the number one best speech topic of all time:
Money is without a doubt the hottest topic and until money disappears from the Earth, which is not very likely, money will remain the hottest speech topic until the end of time.
Making money, how to make more money, how to stop losing money - these are speech topics that will never, ever get old and people will always flock to hear.
Now, what if your topic doesn't have anything to do with money or making money or how to stop losing money?
For example, let's say you're a motivational speaker and your speech topic is all about empowerment and how people can empower themselves to live a more fulfilled life.
Well, by being more fulfilled, one can be more productive.
And being more productive means you can produce more and therefore earn more money!
Easy, isn't it?
Okay, let's try another: what if you're a massage therapist and your topic is on massage therapy and you go out and speak about that.
Well, people who get regular massages are more relaxed.
And people who are more relaxed can think more clearly, be more creative, and get more done.
And thinking clearly and being more creative and getting more done translates to being more productive, which means... you guessed it - making more money!
Let's try one or two more - how about leadership skills and communication skills.
Again, this is simple: being a better leader means being able to motivate groups to be more productive which translates to increase company profits which translates to raises and promotions for that leader (or more take home pay for the owner, if the owner is that leader).
Same thing with communication skills: being a better communicator can lead to generating more clients and closing more sales which... yep, means more money.
Being able to tie your existing speech topic into making more money is the key.
Simply think about the benefits of what your speech topic offers people, and use the examples above to stimulate your thinking into how that ties into being more productive and making more money.
There's an old saying: "you don't sell the steak, you sell the sizzle".
So don't just talk about leadership, or massage, or communication skills - talk about the results people will get from being a better leader or more relaxed or a better communicator.
Moreover be sure to tell people about all the benefits they'll receive. For example, making more money.
Now, take your existing speech topic and make it into the best speech topic of all time!


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